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Music Friday: Cake’s John McCrea Wants ‘A Girl With a Mind Like a Diamond’
Aussie Researchers Define Three Key Factors That Create Coveted Pink Diamonds
Immense 17.61-Carat ‘Bleu Royal’ Diamond Could Fetch $50MM at Christie’s Geneva
Heart Locket on Which Bogie Professed His Love for Bacall Sells for 57K
Music Friday: Cher Is Wearing Sonny’s Ring in 1965’s #1 Hit, ‘I Got You Babe’
Novice Metal Detectorist Credited With Making Norway’s ‘Find of the Century’
‘Good Trouble’ Star Cierra Ramirez Is Rockin’ a Rectangular Cushion-Cut Diamond
World’s Coldest Inhabited Region Yields 390-Carat Gem-Quality Diamond
98-Carat Bismarck Sapphire Was a Honeymoon Gift From Roaring Twenties Tycoon
Music Friday: Locket Inscription Reflects Spirit of Amanda Marshall’s ‘Dark Horse’
7-Year-Old Scores Golden Brown 2.95-Carat Treasure at Crater of Diamonds Park
Massive Diamond-Encrusted Gold Coin Is a Gleaming Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

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