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Music Friday: Brokenhearted Sam Smith Cries Out, ‘My Diamonds Leave With You’
Now You Can Make the 27-Foot-Long Wienermobile Part of Your Epic Marriage Proposal
4,000 Sapphires Sparkle in 2020 Edition of Miami Hurricanes’ ‘Turnover Chain’
Ana de Armas Stars in Natural Diamond Council’s ‘For Moments Like No Other’ Campaign
Marie Antoinette’s Diamond Earrings Are the Focus of Today’s Virtual Gem Gallery Tour
Music Friday: He Wears a ‘Plain Gold Ring’ and in Her Heart It Will Never Be Spring
Carbon-Rich Exoplanets May Be Made of Diamonds, Say ASU Researchers
World Diamond Museum Releases Stunning New Book, ‘Diamonds Across Time’
D-Flawless, 102-Carat Oval Diamond Hits the Auction Block — Without Reserve
Miami Hurricanes’ ‘Touchdown Rings 2.0’ Feature 1,925 Orange and Green Sapphires
Music Friday Flashback: This Lover No Longer Laughs at Blue Diamond Rings
Record-Breaking Coin That Sold for $10 Million in 2013 Is Back on the Auction Block

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