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11 Popular Diamond Cuts

May 14, 2015

11 of the Most Popular Diamond Cuts

We’ve all seen the classic round brilliant, but there are so many more options when it comes to selecting a shape for your diamond!

 Round Brilliant

    • The classic choice for maximizing brilliance (brightness & contrast) and fire (dispersed light)

    • Features 58 facets (flat planes/faces)

 Princess Cut

    • Popular in eternity bands, this is the most brilliant of square shaped diamonds

    • Features 57 or 76 facets, typically

Emerald Cut

    • With its rectangular shape and broad face, the emerald cut boasts highly visible clarity

    • Features 57 facets, typically

    • The view from the top of this diamond resembles a staircase

Asscher Cut

    • The unique shape of this cut resembles a combination of the emerald and princess cut

    • Features 50 or 58 facets, typically

    • Creates a “hall of mirror” effect in which an illusion of great depth is seen

 Pear Cut

    • With its single point and rounded end, the pear cut is a great cut to elongate the finger

    • Features 56-58 facets

    • The pear cut is a hybrid of the round brilliant and marquise cut

Radiant Cut

    • With its distinctive trimmed edges, the radiant cut hides inclusions well

    • Features 70 facets

    • The radiant cut is the hybrid of the round, emerald, and princess cuts

Oval Cut

    • With its symmetrical, elongated round shape, the oval cut optimizes its carat weight to appear larger
    • Features 58 facets
    • The shape of this cut helps to elongate the finger

Cushion Cut

    • The larger facets and rounded corners of this cut create a “crushed ice effect” for more scintillation (sparkles of light when viewed in motion)

    • Features 58 facets

    • Square or rectangular in shape

Marquise Cut

    • With its oval shape and pointed ends, the marquise cut helps to elongate the finger

    • Features 56-58 facets

    • This cut optimizes its carat weight to appear larger

Trillion Cut

    • The triangular shape of this cut helps to hide inclusions

    • Features 31 or 50 facets

    • This cut yields great fire and brilliance


Heart Shape

    • The great symmetry of this shape makes it difficult to craft and a rare cut to find

    • Features 56-58 facets