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7 Tips for Keeping Jewelry In Great Shape

May 14, 2015

7 Tips to keep your jewelry in great shape

You may have tried the super-sonic jewelry cleaning machines or the soaks that leave your silver sparkling, but here are some simple practices to keep your jewelry looking great without spending a dime!

1.)         Remove your jewelry before going to bed

     This keeps pieces from becoming lost or damaged while you sleep

2.)         Remove jewelry when dealing with harsh chemicals

     Ditch the diamonds when using hairspray, acids, and bleach

3.)         Store your jewelry pieces separately

     Some of those pretty gemstones can be rather pointy, so keep ‘em separated to prevent them from scratching other pieces

4.)         Store opals and pearls in soft pouches

     These gemstones are extra soft, so it’s well worth it to take this extra step to prevent scratches

5.)         Avoid contact with lotions and hand soaps

     Consider keeping a jewelry dish by your sink to place jewelry in. Lotion and hand soap can build up on the surface of your jewelry and cloud its appearance

6.)         Clean jewelry at home with a soft brush and warm, soapy water

     This will keep your jewelry free of foreign substances that can dull its appearance

7.)         Have your jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected twice per year

Most jewelry stores will offer this as a complimentary service on pieces you purchased there. They can check for loose gemstones and worn prongs that you may not notice yourself. (Not to mention, your jewelry will be extra sparkly when you get it back!)