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Forevermark Diamonds - Rare

May 20, 2015

Forevermark Diamonds

Beautiful, Rare, Responsibily Sourced

"Beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced, each Forevermark diamond carries a promise of its own, making it a powerful symbol of your most meaningful promises." - The Forevermark Promise

  • The promise of rarity.
    • Before any diamond can be considered to become a Forevermark diamond, it must pass through a sorting process where a highly trained selection team chooses which diamonds have the potential to move onto the next step in the journey.
    • These diamonds are in their uncut form and are inspected initially for the right color and clarity that Forevermark diamonds possess.
    • Even if a diamond passes through this stage and onto the next, it may still be rejected further into the process.
    • Fewer than 1% of mined diamonds meet the strict criteria set forth by Forevermark.