Jewelry Services

Custom Design

Goodman & Sons Jewelers realizes that many guests enjoy personalizing their jewelry to truly create one-of-a-kind special pieces. Whether it’s creating a completely unique engagement ring for your future fiancé or just a simple engraving for a friend, Goodman & Sons looks forward to making that dream a reality.


Fine jewelry should be regularly cleaned and inspected by a professional jeweler to ensure that stones are secure and to remove dirt and oils that diminish your jewelry’s beauty. Goodman & Sons recommends that jewelry be brought in every three to six months. This special service is always available at no charge. 

Pearl Restringing

Pearls that are worn regularly should be restrung once a year in order to make sure the strand does not rip and that the pearls aren’t scratched or damaged. Women who wear their pearls occasionally should make sure to have their pearls restrung every two to three years. Goodman & Sons Jewelers is able to re-string your pearls so that you’ll fall in love with your pearls all over again. 


Goodman & Sons Jewelers provides a full-service repair shop for any and all of your jewelry needs. With 3 on-site bench jewelers, decades of experience and vast product knowledge, we have the ability to help you care for and maintain your jewelry.