Director of Marketing & Merchandising
Works At:

What does Goodman & Sons Jewelers mean to you?

Goodman & Sons is legendary to me. My dad actually purchased my mom’s engagement ring from Goodman & Sons Jewelers 30 years ago. They have been my family jeweler since then. I never realized that years later, I would have had the opportunities that I’ve had with Goodman & Sons. I’ve grown my career with them, continued my education with them and now get to proudly wear my own engagement ring from them.

What is your favorite way to pass the time?

I love my family and friends deeply. So, free time spent with them, no matter where, is always my favorite way to pass the time. My fiancé and I love to be on the go. Whether we’re sailing with my parents, heading down to the lake, or simply spending a day at the beach with a group of our closest friends, you can count us in.

Why do you love your job?

No day is the same, it’s ever-changing. The market changes, trends change, generations evolve and we get to move right along with it all. Not to mention, we work in probably one of the most romantic industry’s out there. It’s never a bad day, when you get to come in and play with pretty diamonds all day.




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