Inventory Control Specialist
Works At:

What is your favorite way to pass the time?

Spending time with my family and friends. I usually plan my weekends out at the beginning of the week to give me something to look forward to after work at the end of the week. I love going and doing things; Busch Gardens, exploring our neighboring cities, or just going out to Fort Monroe and walking around. It’s probably one of my more favorite places to be.

Why do you love your job?

 I love my job because I genuinely love what I do. The Goodman’s have entrusted a lot of responsibility into me with being in charge of both Alex & Ani and Pandora. It means so much to me that they have so much faith and trust in me to handle two lines that are so popular today. I also love coming to work and working with everyone! We’re one big family here and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else that didn’t have that atmosphere!

How many years do you have in the industry?

I have been working for Goodman & Sons for 5 full years now but I do have 8 years of experience in retail/customer service!

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