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Why do you love your job?

There are many but the main reason is working with so many great people that truly care about the family tradition and what the company stands for. They work hard every day to carry on the legacy and I work everyday to find growth so that they too can grow with the company. 

What is your favorite memory at Goodman & Sons? 

Working with my grandfather. He was hard on you, which was a blessing in so many ways. I learned early on that I had to work harder than everyone else because my last name was Goodman, and that work ethic carried on throughout my working life. I think he would be very proud of what we are accomplishing today and he would remind us that every thing you do, you do with the customer in mind. 

How many years do you have in the industry?

This would surprise many but really only about 7 years. After finishing my undergrad (go Captains!) I spent most of my career in food manufacturing working with grocery retailers. I rejoined the family business shortly after grad school (We are...) and here we are trying to carry on the family tradition to the 3rd generation. My hope is that over time I can say my industry experience is 25+ years, all with Goodman & Sons.

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